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Walif is a new initiative presented by the Department of Economic Development to revolutionize the interaction between businesses and customers by digitalizing the concept of word of mouth. Discover what Walif can do for your business.

Why join Walif

Being a part of Walif boosts your networking opportunities and the power of your communication.

  • Create dialog with your customers

    Reply to their comments and photos.

  • Manage your online presence

    Post pictures, enter details and update business information.

  • Grow your customer base and knowledge.

    Get to know customers in your area and get discovered by potential clients through topics and the trending page.

  • Monitor performance

    See how your business is doing and adapt to customer's needs.

  • Showcase your best deals & promotions

    Promote deals and promotions directly to a relevant customer base.

Bridging businesses and customers

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Thanks to the Walif team, most of your business details should already be available. Take a look and claim your business to add to or modify important information.


Customers are looking for you.

We help you get discovered.

Every registered business has it's own page.
Thanks to the the Walif team, most of the important info has already been collected and entered giving you and your business a head start.

Ensure the success of your business, Walif

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