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About Walif

Who said being a follower doesn't pay off? In a city like Dubai that has everything to offer, it pays to get the advice of friends and people you trust. Now the best friend you have in Dubai, Walif knows everyone you do. Find and connect with nearby businesses based on your personal interests and the experiences of friends, experts and celebrities. Whatever you're looking for, Walif can find it for you and tell you what people in your network think about it.


In a city that's always changing, now there's a friend that can keep up.

Looking for businesses and services is always better when it's done through people you know. Thankfully your friend Walif knows everyone.

With something unique to share about the places they go and the services they use, Walif users can comment and upload photos and videos of their experience to share with the community.

About Walif

Browse business pages with personality

Discover your favorite business pages through friends, experts and celebrities and create a list. A collection of family doctors, the bar with the best cocktails in your area, or an approved list of lunch places to take Halal clients. If the list doesn't exist already on Walif, invent one yourself.

Business profiles with cool images make for a unique experience on Walif with important information and customer feedback at your fingertips. You know who's in your network, now see where they go. Experience Dubai differently, with Walif.



Walif is a socially engaged platform that gathers real experiences in an open forum to enhance customer engagement while simultaneously improving merchant visibility for a more connected city.



Collecting the knowledge of many to enhance the experience of one, connecting businesses and consumers for a more connected Dubai.

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